Trade Match Copy Trading Process Review

Looking for a copy trading platform best matches your investor’s need?

Check our Trade Match review below to learn more about the Trade Match copy trading platform.

Trade Match At Glance

Trade Match is a copy trading platform launched to provide access to financial markets for investors who don’t have the time or the inclination to learn trading but wish to explore the profit potential available. Investors can select and copy trading strategies provided by advanced traders. To enhance their experience, investors can benefit from various features such as ranking lists and a risk management system.

On another side, experienced traders can share trading strategies at Trade Match and earn remuneration each time someone copies profitable trades.

Pros & Cons

While preparing this review, we noticed the possible advantages of copy trading with Trade Match and some risks.


- no joining fee
- affordable initial deposit level
- various funding and withdrawal methods
- risk management system


- no interaction between users

How to start as an investor with Trade Match stress-free?

Trade Match copy trading platform aims to help you maximise your investor experience by providing you with a straightforward registration process and various features supporting your decision making. To select a trading strategy to copy, check out the traders’ ranking list.

All traders sharing their strategies via Trade Match are rated based on five criteria: best monthly performance, number of copies, risk level, asset under management, and drawdown level.

According to the performance of their strategies against these criteria, traders move higher or lower in the rankings. Additionally, you can compare traders based on detailed information on their profiles. Click on their name to review data, including trading since inception, absolute gain, monthly average performance and maximum drawdown.

After you select a trading strategy suitable to your trading needs, you need to complete the sign-up process and register your account. It is a standard registration process where you set up a profile name and password and fill in essential information such as name, address and phone number required each time financial transactions are involved. Additionally, you need to provide an identity verification using your ID card or passport.

Choose your preferred currency, funding, and withdrawal method and place your initial deposit to open an account. Finally, adjust the risk level settings before adding the trading strategy you have selected.

Trade Match offers risk level management settings that can help you mitigate the capital loss risk. It includes three parameters - Multiplier index, Take Profit and Stop Loss. You can modify them prior to adding the trading strategy to your investment account or at any point you believe it is necessary.

When the trading strategy is added to your account, the Trade Match system will automatically start performing trades on your account based on the actions of the trader you copy. You don’t have to overview the process all the time.

Most of the investors usually check the performance of their accounts once a day. Still, the platform is accessible 24/7, so at any point, you can monitor your account, adjust risk level, add or remove trading strategies. Withdrawals of profit are available during working hours Monday to Friday.

How to start as a trader with Trade Match?

Traders can share their trading strategies at Trade Match and earn extra when someone copies profitable trading strategies. To help them maximise their experience, Trade Match provides them with a personal profile page, a partner link to easily share with peers on social media and ongoing technical support via email, phone or live online chat.

Is Trade Match right for you?

If you are an investor who wants to follow and copy the moves of experienced traders in just a few clicks, the Trade Match copy trading platform is an attractive possibility. It has an easy to navigate interface and requires only a few steps to start your experience.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this Trade Match review.

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